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Super League (Europe) Limited can today confirm that interim Chair, Ken Davy, has stepped down from his role – as had always been planned as part of the governance realignment process.

Davy was elected by his SLE Board colleagues two years ago to lead the organisation through what has proved to be a period of dramatic change within Super League and the sport of Rugby League.

Working with the Strategic Working Party, he has overseen the establishment of Rugby League’s 12-year partnership with IMG, and the formation of RL Commercial, a joint venture between SLE and the Rugby Football League into which all the commercial assets of the sport have been assigned.

Ken Davy said:

“It is difficult to overstate the importance to Rugby League of the realignment and the new Joint Venture. By bringing all the sport’s assets into one place, it will be far more effective to work with our TV and commercial partners, whilst for the first time ever, we have agreed an overall split of income across the whole sport. Going forward, every pound of income will be shared throughout the sport, ensuring that the whole of the Rugby League family will benefit from every extra pound generated, meaning we all have a vested interest in its success.”

In addition to establishing RL Commercial, along with senior colleagues at the RFL and IMG, Davy oversaw the recruitment of its independent Chair and Board so that it can hit the ground running in 2023.

In completing the realignment process, the Super League Board have also recently approved new Articles, with the most significant change seeing the SLE Board reduced to two independent directors, Peter Hutton, and Jonathan Murphy, who will represent the interests of the clubs on the RL Commercial Board.

Davy added: “Two years ago it was difficult to see a way forward; now there is an incredible amount of optimism within both Super League and the sport. The fact that virtually every change has also received unanimous support speaks volumes for the positive attitude that all the clubs have demonstrated. Of course, there are still major challenges to face, of which the economic environment and finances are uppermost. Nonetheless we have established a framework for Super League and the whole sport which gives everyone the opportunity to succeed and prosper. It has undoubtedly taken longer than was originally envisaged however as I step down from the Chair, I think we can safely say ‘Job Done’.”

Simon Johnson, the RFL Chair who is also a member of the RL Commercial Board, said:

“The sport owes a debt of gratitude to Ken Davy for the part he has played in the realignment process over the last two years. A number of us have been immersed in complex contractual issues, all working towards change we believed necessary for the sport to enjoy the bright future it deserves. Ken’s role as Interim Chair of Super League Europe has been pivotal in that process, and I thank him for his selfless and dedicated contribution.”

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Posted by RLFANS News Hound on Fri 30th Dec 2022 10:04 AM | Views : 20201 | Replies : 0 | BACK TO STORIES