25 years service to
the Rugby League

 Current LIVE TV Match : Hull FC 10 - 18 Hull Kingston Rovers LIVE ON SKY SPORTS Moy Try, Not Converted
 Current LIVE TV Match : Leigh Leopards 20 - 10 Huddersfield Giants LIVE ON SKY SPORTS Hardaker Try and Goal
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yearrounddatekick offhomeScoreaway
201612016-08-0615:00:00Featherstone Rovers662Leeds Rhinos
201612016-08-0618:00:00Leigh Centurions3430London Broncos
201612016-08-0715:00:00Hull Kingston Rovers5818Batley Bulldogs
201612016-08-0715:00:00Salford Red Devils3412Huddersfield Giants
201622016-08-1220:00:00Leeds Rhinos2218Hull Kingston Rovers
201622016-08-1315:00:00Leigh Centurions3226Salford Red Devils
201622016-08-1415:00:00Huddersfield Giants6216Featherstone Rovers
201622016-08-1415:00:00London Broncos7616Batley Bulldogs
201632016-08-1920:00:00Salford Red Devils1229Hull Kingston Rovers
201632016-08-2015:00:00London Broncos2842Leeds Rhinos
201632016-08-2115:00:00Batley Bulldogs2858Huddersfield Giants
201632016-08-2115:00:00Featherstone Rovers1830Leigh Centurions
201642016-09-0220:00:00Huddersfield Giants404London Broncos
201642016-09-0220:00:00Leeds Rhinos308Salford Red Devils
201642016-09-0315:00:00Hull Kingston Rovers1825Leigh Centurions
201642016-09-0415:00:00Batley Bulldogs1110Featherstone Rovers
201652016-09-0920:00:00Leeds Rhinos320Batley Bulldogs
201652016-09-1015:00:00Leigh Centurions4840Huddersfield Giants
201652016-09-1115:00:00London Broncos1858Hull Kingston Rovers
201652016-09-1115:00:00Salford Red Devils7016Featherstone Rovers
201662016-09-1715:00:00Leigh Centurions4224Batley Bulldogs
201662016-09-1715:00:00Salford Red Devils1619London Broncos
201662016-09-1815:00:00Featherstone Rovers2432Hull Kingston Rovers
201662016-09-1815:00:00Huddersfield Giants2214Leeds Rhinos
201672016-09-2220:00:00Leeds Rhinos3712Leigh Centurions
201672016-09-2412:30:00Hull Kingston Rovers2223Huddersfield Giants
201672016-09-2515:00:00Batley Bulldogs1442Salford Red Devils
201672016-09-2515:00:00London Broncos466Featherstone Rovers
201682016-10-0115:00:00Hull Kingston Rovers1819Salford Red Devils