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the Rugby League

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yearrounddatekick offhomeScoreaway
202312023-04-1617:15:00 Bradford Bulls Women1212Leigh Leopards Women
202312023-04-1614:00:00Castleford Tigers Women820Salford Red Devils Women
202312023-04-1612:00:00 Featherstone Rovers Women388Barrow Raiders Women
202322023-05-2814:00:00Barrow Raiders Women Bradford Bulls Women
202322023-05-2812:30:00Salford Red Devils Women1058Leigh Leopards Women
202322023-07-3014:00:00 Featherstone Rovers Women540Castleford Tigers Women
202332023-06-1112:00:00Barrow Raiders Women486Castleford Tigers Women
202332023-06-1117:15:00 Bradford Bulls Women2834Salford Red Devils Women
202332023-06-1114:00:00Leigh Leopards Women1918 Featherstone Rovers Women
202342023-07-0217:30:00Barrow Raiders Women014Leigh Leopards Women
202342023-07-0217:15:00 Bradford Bulls Women164Castleford Tigers Women
202342023-07-0212:00:00 Featherstone Rovers Women3010Salford Red Devils Women
202352023-07-0914:00:00Castleford Tigers Women044Leigh Leopards Women
202352023-07-0917:00:00 Featherstone Rovers Women460 Bradford Bulls Women
202352023-07-0912:00:00Salford Red Devils Women1228Barrow Raiders Women
202362023-07-1612:00:00Barrow Raiders Women2410 Featherstone Rovers Women
202362023-07-1614:00:00Leigh Leopards Women4610 Bradford Bulls Women
202362023-07-1612:00:00Salford Red Devils Women2210Castleford Tigers Women
202382023-08-0614:00:00Castleford Tigers Women076Barrow Raiders Women
202382023-08-0612:00:00 Featherstone Rovers Women2016Leigh Leopards Women
202382023-08-0612:00:00Salford Red Devils Women306 Bradford Bulls Women
202392023-08-2017:15:00 Bradford Bulls Women470Barrow Raiders Women
202392023-08-2014:00:00Castleford Tigers Women858 Featherstone Rovers Women
202392023-08-2014:00:00Leigh Leopards Women2820Salford Red Devils Women
2023102023-09-0314:00:00Barrow Raiders Women260Salford Red Devils Women
2023102023-09-0313:00:00 Bradford Bulls Women062 Featherstone Rovers Women
2023102023-09-0313:00:00Leigh Leopards Women224Castleford Tigers Women
2023112023-09-1014:00:00Castleford Tigers Women450 Bradford Bulls Women
2023112023-09-1014:00:00Leigh Leopards Women1214Barrow Raiders Women
2023112023-09-1012:00:00Salford Red Devils Women1828 Featherstone Rovers Women
2023122023-09-2412:00:00Barrow Raiders Women620 Bradford Bulls Women
2023122023-09-2414:00:00Leigh Leopards Women2810Salford Red Devils Women
2023132023-10-0812:00:00Barrow Raiders Women148Leigh Leopards Women