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yearrounddatekick offhomeScoreaway
201812018-04-1514:00:00 Bradford Bulls Women1632Leeds Rhinos Women
201812018-04-1514:00:00Wigan Warriors Women540 Featherstone Rovers Women
201812018-04-1514:00:00St.Helens Women00York RLFC Knights Women
201822018-04-2213:00:00York RLFC Knights Women062Castleford Tigers Women
201822018-04-2214:00:00 Bradford Bulls Women442St.Helens Women
201822018-05-0614:00:00Castleford Tigers Women1414Wigan Warriors Women
201832018-04-2914:00:00Castleford Tigers Women4016 Bradford Bulls Women
201832018-04-2914:30:00St.Helens Women4014 Featherstone Rovers Women
201832018-04-2914:00:00Wigan Warriors Women1420Leeds Rhinos Women
201842018-05-1314:00:00 Featherstone Rovers Women3238Castleford Tigers Women
201842018-05-1314:00:00 Bradford Bulls Women7210York RLFC Knights Women
201842018-05-1314:00:00Wigan Warriors Women166St.Helens Women
201852018-05-2017:00:00York RLFC Knights Women1240 Featherstone Rovers Women
201852018-05-2014:15:00St.Helens Women2014Leeds Rhinos Women
201862018-05-2614:00:00 Featherstone Rovers Women2246 Bradford Bulls Women
201862018-05-2713:30:00Leeds Rhinos Women4012Castleford Tigers Women
201862018-06-1014:00:00Wigan Warriors Women500York RLFC Knights Women
201872018-06-1717:30:00Castleford Tigers Women1414St.Helens Women
201872018-06-1714:00:00 Bradford Bulls Women1034Wigan Warriors Women
201872018-06-1714:00:00Leeds Rhinos Women800York RLFC Knights Women
201882018-06-2414:00:00 Featherstone Rovers Women2031Wigan Warriors Women
201882018-06-2414:00:00Leeds Rhinos Women3010 Bradford Bulls Women
201882018-07-2914:00:00York RLFC Knights Women626St.Helens Women
201892018-07-0813:30:00Castleford Tigers Women4010York RLFC Knights Women
201892018-07-0813:00:00Leeds Rhinos Women706 Featherstone Rovers Women
201892018-07-0814:00:00St.Helens Women4212 Bradford Bulls Women
2018102018-08-1214:00:00 Bradford Bulls Women2816Castleford Tigers Women
2018102018-08-1217:00:00 Featherstone Rovers Women1046St.Helens Women
2018102018-08-1212:30:00Leeds Rhinos Women2223Wigan Warriors Women
2018112018-08-1914:00:00York RLFC Knights Women838 Bradford Bulls Women
2018112018-08-1914:00:00St.Helens Women1014Wigan Warriors Women
2018112018-09-2314:00:00Castleford Tigers Women348 Featherstone Rovers Women
2018122018-09-0914:00:00 Featherstone Rovers Women1220York RLFC Knights Women
2018122018-09-0914:00:00Wigan Warriors Women1112Castleford Tigers Women
2018122018-09-0914:00:00Leeds Rhinos Women126St.Helens Women
2018132018-09-1614:00:00 Bradford Bulls Women3210 Featherstone Rovers Women
2018132018-09-1614:00:00Castleford Tigers Women2032Leeds Rhinos Women
2018132018-09-1614:00:00York RLFC Knights Women638Wigan Warriors Women
2018142018-09-2818:00:00St.Helens Women2414Castleford Tigers Women
2018142018-09-3014:00:00York RLFC Knights Women650Leeds Rhinos Women
2018142018-09-3014:00:00Wigan Warriors Women268 Bradford Bulls Women