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Referees : Sun Feb 25, 2024 5:15 pm  
Didn't bother to watch the presentations at yesterday's WCC game. Did anyone see if Liam Moore went up to collect his winners medal? After all he did almost as much to secure Wigan's win as anyone.

To be honest, I thought he was pretty average all game & heaven knows what PTB rules they were playing to with only selectively penalising players. As for the Wardle try, how he could so certainly declare TRY when from what you could see even from tv that there was a big doubt even ignoring possible double movement. Then with equal certainty declare May's effort NO TRY. The Video Ref clearly didnt want to upset his mate. Those 2 decisions of course, determined the outcome despite the efforts of both teams. You need a Video Ref prepared to overrule a Referee as they did in our game v Cats. 4 Video Ref calls & the Referee only got 1 correct. You have to wonder whether they just guess & hope VR helps them out. At least 2 of the Catalan non tries were so obviously held up even my cat agreed. That Ref with 25% success rate shouldn't be referring in SL.

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