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Bruno : Fri Nov 18, 2022 11:43 am  
Thanks for 16 years of commitment and dedication.

Always put the club and his team mates first and had the honour of captaining the club.

Hes probably been a player who has suffered from the coaching changes. For me he was at his best for us on the wing/centre. His early partnership with Leroy was a privilege to watch and some of the tries he scored /set up in those days were exceptional.

In his later years he's been asked to play in the pack where despite his obvious strength, I feel he's not had the body mass to be really impactful, but that's not his fault and he's applied himself 100% to whatever has been asked of him for the benefit of the club. Defensively he's always been outstanding, and his engine has been his real strength. I hope he gets a shot in the second row or loose forward for Bradford. For me that's where he can be most effective.

Thanks for everything Bruno, on loan this year, who knows maybe we will recall him if we get a few injuries and he can have one final swansong?
Re: Bruno : Fri Nov 18, 2022 12:12 pm  
An absolute model professional. I’m really sad that he’s not going to see our next year with us as he deserves to play his entire career at his hometown club. He still has so much to offer. In the year before yates joined us he was the top tackler in superleague. He made 749 tackles that year. And missed just 23 all season! He was still in the top 15 for carries. He’s mr dependable, you will get a low error count, a low penalty count and a high work rate. Thanks for everything Bruno, hope you will be back at the club.
Re: Bruno : Fri Nov 18, 2022 9:54 pm  
Agreed. The Yates signing was probably the nail in the coffin, such similar players in their style, but difficult to carry 2 in the squad.

He'll be a great player at Bradford
Re: Bruno : Sun Nov 20, 2022 8:35 am  
I would thank Bruno as well 100% commitment and 100% Huddersfield. Was great at centre and second row for us.

I wish him all the best. Hope he comes back to us in some capacity as he is always very eloquent and a good communicator .
Re: Bruno : Mon Nov 21, 2022 10:55 pm  
Thanks for the memories and commitment to the club. Just watched the interview and what a lovely humble guy, another who gave 100% but like Leroy and Jermaine never ever got nasty or grubby on the pitch. I remember him debuting as a 17 year old and thinking wow, what an athlete, this guy has the perfect build for Rubgy League. I thought he would be great in attack but possibly suspect in defence, and it really suprised me that it was the other way around. He would probably have played out his days here if we had not had a real resurgence and bought in so many quality forwards, but utterly dependable and a model pro on and off the pitch. Go well at Bradford mate.

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