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Re: Tears for Tiers : Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:43 am  
Durham Giant wrote:
What like all the parents who are working full time and don’t earn enough to live on who then claim benefits

Or the single mother’s who were left by feckless fathers

Or the people who lost their jobs because of a pandemic

Or the parents who through no fault of their owns became ill and unable to work

Or the parents who have MH or substance abuse problems

Or the parents who are disabled

Then again why punish innocent children for the misfortunes or decisions made by their parents.

At what age do you think children should be made responsible for their parents circumstances and withdraw support from them
At birth, at 5 when they go to school, at 11 when they can get work in a mill or climb chimneys, at 13 when they become teenagers ?

That is why we have a welfare state because it saves as an insurance policy for the vulnerable, unlucky or disadvantaged in society.

It is a bit like the NHS. If you don’t like it I suggest that you stop using it’s services and just pay for everything yourself.

God forbid that you get Covid and end up in hospital and are told that your Bill for two weeks in an ICU at £2200 per day.

Some very interesting points but how do you get the kids the support they need without involving the parents that you have suggested either don't care or aren't capable. How long do you think a new laptop will last in house with a parent that is challenged by substance abuse?

On the NHS we don't have an option to not pay for it - it isn't free - its like education if you opt out you still have help fund the rest of the kids.

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