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80 minutes. : Tue Apr 23, 2024 6:47 am  
Well considering we have won all our current league games & DP is aware that we have not played any games for 80 mins, then against Toulouse we will need to be near the 80 mins to put the game as a win !
Come to think of this issue, our next two games after Toulouse we will need 80 mins of play in each game, anything less then we could fail or say fall short ???
Re: 80 minutes. : Tue Apr 23, 2024 6:52 am  
The "win" is everything, the performance is secondary. Yes I'd love us to play open flowing great to watch rugby, but I'll take the win above performance every time.
Re: 80 minutes. : Tue Apr 23, 2024 7:09 am  
It is almost impossible for a team to put together a full 80 minutes, no matter how well a team plays there there will always be a lull during the game at somepoint. Yes we were not great for the last 30 minutes of the first half against Batley but I was impressed that we stepped it up when needed. I presume Gale will come back in on Saturday which will help as he is the rudder who guides us around the field.
Re: 80 minutes. : Tue Apr 23, 2024 7:27 am  
poplar cats alive wrote:
The "win" is everything, the performance is secondary. Yes I'd love us to play open flowing great to watch rugby, but I'll take the win above performance every time.

I totally agree, all about the win. An excellent performance as well is an added bonus!
Re: 80 minutes. : Tue Apr 23, 2024 8:21 am  
As others have said we need to keep stacking those wins together and eventually as the team gel more and more and we tidy a few things up we'll get close to an 80-minute performance. Let's face it teams like Wigan and Saints very rarely put 80-minute performances in, but they know how to keep in games with their defence and win. That's where we need to aim for and so far it's what we've generally been doing, albeit against part-time teams.

As for Toulouse, it's a home game which is a big plus for us after all our travels and the fact they've only had 2 wins, one at home and then they just beat York away, but they've lost to Swinton at home, Bradford away, Sheffield away so far. They seem to be inconsistent and so far don't look as good as previous years. We just need to do what we do best, smash them down the middle, which makes a platform and field position for Gale and Lino to set the attack up from, on our lovely big flat pitch. 8)

We just need to keep doing what we're doing as far as winning games, but we also need to tidy parts of our game up, the unforced errors and penalties especially and then someone will be on the end of a cricket score.
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Re: 80 minutes. : Tue Apr 23, 2024 8:42 am  
I have seen us win games with a poor performance. I have seen us lose games when we have played exceptionally well. Performance measurement includes grinding out results 80 minutes top notch doesn't guarantee a victory
Re: 80 minutes. : Tue Apr 23, 2024 9:44 am  
At presents we are a hard-working team more than a exiting rugby team We are depending on Lino and Gale to make the right decision on attack with Jowitt and apart from the winger from Halifax we lack flair and excitement .Still a lot of work to get us to a top S L Team ( the owners words not mine) We got time but would be nice if we could sort some of it out at the back end of the season
Re: 80 minutes. : Tue Apr 23, 2024 12:52 pm  
The real plus for us is that we are finishing games strongly and it's the opposition that look knackered at the end of our games.
With the exception of the defeat at Fev in the Post Office Road mud bath, we've looked really fit.
A couple of tough games coming up though, Toulouse are improving and Sheffield are 100% in the league and then the cup semi at Bradford.
Plenty to look forward to !
Re: 80 minutes. : Wed Apr 24, 2024 11:04 am  
80 minutes does not mean 80 minutes of free flow attacking rugby, however, because 6 tackles usually
takes 1 minute to 1.2 minutes, so the opposition will have periods of ball control & match control.
Our players have a tendency to lack concentration when the opposition raise their game & thus do not play 80 minutes, against better or tough opposition that is the problem DP is concerned about,
80 minutes play in full concentration will be needed in the semi final & final if we are to win it !!

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