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Re: Shaw and Croft : Thu May 25, 2023 10:08 am  
Kirmudgeonlyisback wrote:
Loan to who ? Another competing championship team ? Think Croft and shaw show we are already looking at players for next season. Both be decent in championship and hopefully if we do get promoted will have a year of first team under their belts

Loan? Never mentioned a loan. Dual contract as in offers contractually for both SL or Championship if beyond 2023. Perhaps you thought I meant dual registration.

It doesn’t show we are looking at next season with Croft as he’s only signed till end of this season. That very much shows we are focusing on this season and the club think he can help performances. This is what some fans have been calling for.

Shaw hasn’t signed officially so at the minute it doesn’t show anything. If he or Croft do sign beyond 2023 then I’d be happy with both in either the championship (they would be good players in championship) or superleague. I do agree on that part.


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