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Covid Christmas Chaos (part 2) : Wed Oct 20, 2021 4:20 pm  
Well, at the risk of saying we've been here before, it seems that the medical experts are suggesting that, in view of rising Covid cases and with the NHS already under pressure, the government should move to their "plan B" with a return to mask wearing and some social distancing, plus, Covid passes for large events.
Not for the first time Bojo is saying no and is happy to let things roll - something that he's already done on 3 occasions (going against the advice of the "experts" and Morocco has already banned flights to and from the UK.

Is our intrepid leader right or, is he indeed going to leave things too long before taking action (again).

Sajid Javid seems more "optimistic" than Bojo, so, it looks like the hospitals will fill up further before things change.

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