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Keighley Friendly : Sat Jan 20, 2024 1:04 pm  
Going tomorrow having missed the Bulls game, understandably after not much training no Widdop, and it sounds Salty likely to miss out with a bug. Of more concern was Finns comment in his recent interview that Douglas might still be a couple of months away with his broken thumb. Will be interesting to see how Pickersgill and Maher go for Keighley, Keighley fans sound reasonably impressed with Maher so far.Just hope the forecast wind doesn't make it too much of a lottery.
Re: Keighley Friendly : Sat Jan 20, 2024 3:12 pm  
£15 in for fossils to watch a glorified training session. I think we'll give this one a miss!
Re: Keighley Friendly : Sat Jan 20, 2024 3:51 pm  
I will be going it sounds like the weather could get a bit wild later on sunday a bit like the bulls game before christmas. Brandon and Will are in the cougars squad and we are close to full strength barring Widdop and Douglas plus Salty might not play due to having flu. I too was a bit surprised when Finn mentioned that Douglas is still a couple of months away from playing. I thought he had the op before christmas and would be out for about 2 months but maybe it will take longer with him re injuring his thumb. Our last run out before Oldham next week so hopefully we can come through injury free and get our match sharpness up to speed.
Re: Keighley Friendly : Sun Jan 21, 2024 7:18 am  
I was going to go but with that storm coming I will give it a miss , don’t fancy driving through howarth with one eye , Douglas been out is a downer as our pack which needed improvement is the same as last year , hopefully Craig huby will have instilled some steel into that otherwise it’ll be same old same old . 22 man squad is thin , a couple of injuries and we’ll be relying on dr which isn’t ideal .
Re: Keighley Friendly : Sun Jan 21, 2024 10:11 am  
I think it’s fair not to ply Douglas. With Any injury or niggle it’s best give time to recover. They are only ‘friendlys’. Noting worse than starting the season with players already carrying injuries
Re: Keighley Friendly : Sun Jan 21, 2024 7:40 pm  
Next week a better yardstick but that was same old failings again..forwards struggling,poor last tackle options,Larroyer on and instant penalty....
Re: Keighley Friendly : Mon Jan 22, 2024 5:05 pm  
The biggest concern from yesterday for me was Calcott having to go off injured, he did not look good in what looked like a lower leg injury. His first spell was good and for me along with Douglas and Lannon he is our best middle. It can be hard to judge early in the year and playing in worsening conditions like the Bulls game and yesterday's but some of the decision making in good attacking positions from both Keyes and Jouffret left a lot to be desired. Everybody knows what the conditions will be like for preseason and first few months of the season so i do not expect us to be scoring free flowing tries. That is why it is important we have halfs who can guide us around the park well and a pack that can grind out some hard fought wins for us and to be honest i am not that confident we have one but am happy to be proved wrong starting on sunday.
Re: Keighley Friendly : Mon Jan 22, 2024 5:14 pm  
Decided against going at the last minute due to the crap weather - 2 games in and squad already looking a bit threadbare, especially if Calcott injury is serious. Bits I've seen of Olly Davies he looks promising - be interested to hear from anyone who went their impressions of Sam Campbell about whom I know nothing. Getting Salty and Eden back would obviously give the backs a better look - based on their recruitment I'd expect a really tough game at Oldham regardless of the team we're able to put out.
Re: Keighley Friendly : Mon Jan 22, 2024 5:45 pm  
Sam campbell if i remember right played a very short stint in the Bulls game so i couldn't really comment on that game. And yesterday i am shore he was named on the bench but i do not remember seeing him come on so i can't help on that one. Also Mick gledhill as said that Ryan lannon failed a HIA yesterday so he will be missing against Oldham too.
Re: Keighley Friendly : Tue Jan 23, 2024 12:42 pm  
Watching the game on YouTube , is there any reason Keyes is not taking place kicks has he got a jiggly injury ?

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