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AUP : Mon Jul 03, 2006 12:02 pm  
RLFANS.COM is a place where Rugby League fans can meet up and discuss our wonderful game. However in order for this place to be welcoming and a happy place for all, ALL USERS and moderators MUST follow a strict code of coduct.

Moderators can:

1. Edit individual posts
2. Delete individual posts entirely
3. Lock threads
4. Move threads
5. Delete threads
6. Issue warnings on behalf of RLFANS.COM
7. Block access to user accounts

So what are the rules?

USERS Must adhere to the following:

1. Messages that promote, or that appear to promote activities that are in contradiction with UK law are prohibited on this forum i.e. Libel, racism, theft of intellectual property (mp3 file sharing), including screen captures and video of copyrighted TV broadcasts, etc.
2. Messages that contain, or link to, sexually explicit images are prohibited on this forum.
3. Messages that are wholly designed to upset or cause distress to other RLFANS members are prohibited on this forum.
4. Messages that contain a level of profanity that exceeds the moderator's definition of "acceptable" are prohibited on this forum.
5. Messages that contain a level of sexual content that exceeds the moderator's definition of "acceptable" are prohibited on this forum (as a rule of thumb, anything that wouldn't get on the Beeb before nine won't get on here)
6. Thread "titles" that contain sexually explicit language or profanity, are prohibited on this forum.
7. Threads purposely created so as to enable users to reach a specific number of posts are prohibited on this forum.
8. No more than TWO "word game" threads may be open at any precise time.
9. .SIG file images should be no larger than 20 kilobytes, 450 pixels wide and 100 pixels high.
10. Public criticism of the moderation process is prohibited on this forum.
11. Posts that deliberately attempt to ruin or derail a thread or are designed to kill a thread are prohibited on this forum.
12. Messages that promote or advertise external companies are prohibited without prior approval from RLFANS.COM admins. You can advertise within you sig file as long as it stays with all the other rules above. Persistant Breach of this rule means instance banning.
13. Advertising of Rugby League websites other than official websites and offers is limited to Signature files only and league links central. The scope of allowable Official club advertising is left with each forum moderator.


Please contact the moderator of the forum you wish to post on if you feel you need clarification on any of these rules.

RLFANS.COM is not a democracy, its users accept its rules which have been developed by the admin staff over the past 7 years and which fuel the site and keep it on the straight and narrow.

If you don't like the rules, then there are **LOTS** of other websites you can go and play on.

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