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Cokey wrote:

So were Sheffield. Another semi pro club without a stadium and who couldn’t afford an academy. Just like Leigh
RoyBoy29 wrote:

I’m not wrong though am I Roy?
Yes you are.
RoyBoy29 wrote:
Yes you are.

Roy, do you not think it's time you started to engage in proper RL discussions, and be constructive instead of taking every opportunity to berate certain users on these forums? It's getting tedious now lad. :roll:
I was replying to a comment, hardly berating.
Leigh don’t have their own stadium and don’t have an academy. Just like any random semi pro team, so again, I’m not wrong am I roy
You was wrong in stating Leigh couldnt afford an academy.
RobRiches wrote:
I bet you either a hull fc fan or Leeds fan. Am I right?

Just a posh twit who knows better than you or I!
Only 2 points separate 1st and 7th.

Is this the most exciting, competitive super league there has ever been?

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