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Re: The times they are a changing. : Fri Oct 14, 2022 8:31 am  
The loop fixtures took their toll towards the end of last season with pretty much every side struggling with injuries and in some instances (saints & wigan) fielding weakened squads for SL fixtures. Sides have the right to pick what players they like but none the less it doesn't sit right with me that sides are pretty much forced to pick and chose when to rest players for their welfare, particularly with the impact it can have on the rest of the table.

Less games is less strain on the players, less strain should (hopefully) lead to less injuries and better quality of games. As for SKY money, the IMG/RFL should be making the case for more games to be televised each round. If most rounds have 3 games broadcasted it would more than make up for the loss from scrapping the loop fixtures.

As for promotion/relegation, I think the sport is sadly at a point where it is no longer sustainable and is to some degree holding back the game. I am a firm believer that the structure proposed by IMG will give the likes of Toulouse/Bradford/Widnes/London a better chance of getting back in SL in comparison to the current structure. All of which would offer more to the sport then the likes of Batley/Fev and Halifax.

There is a strange mentality from some west Yorkshire clubs that think the proposals are to protect the elite when in reality its a wake up call for them. The sport is in no position to be held back by part time sides who don't have the ambition of reaching the SL.

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