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Re: IMG : Wed Dec 21, 2022 2:56 pm  
Septimius Severus wrote:
Explain Warrington Wolves or Hull FC?

In the last seven seasons, Wire have won a League Leaders Shield and a Challenge Cup and have been twice runners up in The Grand Final and once in The CCup. Based in a large town with its nearest SL rival 10 miles away allowing a large catchment area.

In the same time-frame HFC have won two CCups, are based in a largish city that also contains its bitterest rival. Allegiance is tribal and decided by a river boundary and most of the social media activity involves baiting the other side.

For many years (too many), little Leigh has won no major silverware, reached no major finals and has a very noisy (and successful) neighbour. Compare and contrast.

Merely suggestions, Sev. :thumb:
Re: IMG : Wed Dec 21, 2022 3:22 pm  
Just making the point that Warrington finished 11th - maybe it is the principle of receiving bad service, leads to more complaints.

I was just being a little mischievous, but the fact that remains is that Social Media and Team Performance are not a direct correlation, and if there is any correlation it is based on a much longer time period than one season.

The Rhinos are often quoted as the benchmark for Social Media, but the on-field team has yo-yoed up and down the League table, and even flirts with relegation on some occasions.
Re: IMG : Wed Dec 21, 2022 5:20 pm  
Well, Septimus, if I was DB I would employ a programmer to write me a script that would add a few thousand bots (fake accounts) on Twitter every week and program them to follow Leigh Leopards. It can easily be done. We would soon be top of the social media league. We could even go the whole hog and have virtual rugby teams playing for virtual trophies in virtual stadiums lol. A successful rugby team with exciting players will get you to the top table not cryptic messages and a photo of DB holding a leopard patterned pen, no doubt wearing his favourite leopard skin budgie smugglers haha. That image has just put me off my tea haha.
Re: IMG : Wed Dec 21, 2022 5:37 pm  
Septimius Severus wrote:

IMG know the game is based on the M62 corridor, Leigh over Toulouse offers 6 more derbies. Derby games create local interest and rivalry, especially if the games are competitive. Wakefield v London is not what the neutral fan wants to see, but Wigan v St Helens in a feisty competitive game, twice a season is something to get excited about. Super League instead likes to reduce the number of teams and end up like Scottish Football where Celtic v Rangers is a fixture every other week.

Social Media is the key to the growth of the game, but it needs to be the right kind of content to interest all age groups.

i agree that we are at a point of saturating the good games, by overplaying them. As a game we need to focus on bringing up the overall quality, so that the quality / intensity of a Wigan v Saints derby is replicated week in / week out. Whilst i'll admit you cant replace the rivalry of a local derby, you do need to be able to replicate the quality, intensity etc through the weekly rounds and if you can, there is no doubt in my mind that fan numbers would increase.
We have played Saints / Wire 5 or 6 times in a season with 2 league fixtures, 1 loop fixture, 1 CC round and then play off / grand final, and it gets too much, and detracts from the spectacle that it should be. I know you can always avoid it, especially if its a measure of success by making playoff andd finals, but something that needs to be considered.

with regards to social media, i have got both my daughters watching old clips off you-tube, admittedly a lot of it is Biff related :), but they love the physical contact and get excited when there is a bit of biff. I feel a good social media presence should be mix of the old and the new. I know there will be sentimental fans, who love nothing better than seeing John Woods, Des Drummond, Alex Murphy, i'll chuck Tim Street in for one of my best mates wearing the club colours, but equally, its good for the new fans to see who has graced the colours previously
Re: IMG : Wed Dec 21, 2022 5:45 pm  
another aspect to social media, which also links in with attendance at games etc is something that i attended a work presentation on a couple of years ago
The premier league are working with a 3rd party about their content, but based on real time availability of information etc

they believe that the number of fans across the board is going to fall as the attention span of GEN Z ( i think it was they recognised them as) was very short. they dont like to sit and watch a game for 90 minutes, either physically there or on TV, so the premier league is looking at ways of attracting them with short / catchy footage, that keeps that at or watching the game, but know that they wont be watching (so to speak) as they will be on their phones watching replays / if he had done this, this is the likely scenario, the chances of joe bloggs scoring that was X, but if he has passed to fred smith, it was Y

it was a really strange insight into what the premier league was looking at, and the challenges they face in terms of attracting and retaining younger fans at the games.

so from a RL perspective, pretty sure we have the same challenges, but wont have the same amount of money available to produce that sort of quality of real time analysis / coverage
Re: IMG : Wed Dec 21, 2022 7:35 pm  
When it comes to social media I realise there are many platforms, but despite all that has gone on with Twitter recently, it does seem that our page is the only one without a verified tick (of any colour), be it either an inherited legacy, or someone not wanting to pay the £8 (plus VAT) a month, it looks a bit daft when most other teams at non-SL level also have a tick.

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