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Woeful performance against London : Sun Jul 07, 2024 8:32 am  
Sitting in the stands on Saturday with probably 30% of seats vacant in the area I sit which is usually full the remainers talked about the reasons which we quickly concluded was down to England match @ 5pm.
80 minutes later we all had changed our view that a fair proportion was down to excruciatingly poor play on the pitch. Some of us suggesting perhaps the players were the real problem and Smith simply was not good enough to sort the problem out.

Looking at some key players yesterday some of us thought

We need a leader Cam Smith is not good enough to be a water carrier

Miller is a total waste of a shirt as is Fusi

Newman is a spoilt child with no clue as to how to get out of his own self destruct spiral.

The 3 Ex French players are well meaning but clueless

All props are trying but ineffective especially Oledski who seems to have lost his skill and spark

The only players yesterday who looked like they knew what to do were Croft, Martin and Ackers.

As an interim I would turn training over to those 3 and let them form a game plan and let Walker and Grix fill the water bottles.
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Re: Woeful performance against London : Sun Jul 07, 2024 1:00 pm  
Agree with the majority of the above , but not sure Walker and Grix could be trusted with the water bottles

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