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Overseas players. Ex Martin so we need them? : Sun Sep 25, 2022 9:09 pm  
Prior did well last year but invisible this year Tetevano, Fusitu'a
, Thompson, Sezer and Austin spend most of the season suspended or "injured". They take up far too much of our salary cap compared to what they provide.
Sorry, DO we need them?
HucknallLoiner wrote:
Sorry, DO we need them?

Why injured in quotes? Are you implying they are faking it? And if so, does that apply to the likes of Newman and Holroyd? The simple answer to your question is yes, unless you want to be relegated.
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I’d prefer us to only go for overseas players when we can’t develop or sign British players for the positions they fill. I’m certain that we could have brought in players better than Prior is now or Tetevano has been for us. We shouldn’t have signed Thompson once never mind extended him, and Sezer and Austin were gambles rather than dead certs. There’s a dearth of good British halves so I can understand signing them, but overall our overseas recruitment has been terrible for years.
Prior is finished, yet staying another season. So we are stuck with him.

We need Holroyd to stay fit next season, I think it's a vital season for Tom, it could be make or break?
Our overseas signings have been pretty poor for a long time, with no strategy I can see. Smith seems to be able to spot duffers quickly. Lets hope he's got an eye for incoming players as well.
By the by, Bodene's outperformed Prior the last few weeks.
yes but that wasnt hard
When Smith was with us briefly he brought in some great overseas players. I imagine he's got plenty of contacts down under and will choose wisely.
Re: Overseas players. Ex Martin so we need them? : Thu Sep 29, 2022 11:05 am  
Prior is now a major issue - he has a year left on his contract and I don`t blame him for wanting see it out and get his money .
Unfortunately he is finished - on his second stint on Saturday ,he had no go forward and missed 4 tackles in a row and then got hooked.
We should do whatever deal we can with him , and then find a replacement. I would rather take a gamble on a young prop from the Championship or from PNG , rather than take up a quota spot for a player who can no longer make any significant contribution, to the area of the team where we are so weak.

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