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Play off week 2 results
Wigan 8 Leeds 20 - Leeds by 12
St Helens 19 Salford 12 - St Helens by 7

The scores are (with the margins of error in brackets where needed)

Steve Slippery Morris (1st) v Jamie101 (4th)

Steve Slippery Morris
WIG 4 - 0 points (16)
STH 8 - 1 point (1)

Total - 1 point (17)

Jamie 101
WIG 10 - 0 points (22)
STH 8 - 1 point (1)

Total - 1 point (23)

Steve Slippery Morris goes through to the final this week. Jamie 101 leaves the competition


Rhino46 (2nd) vs Steamy (5th)

LEE 4 - 1 point (8)
SAL 5 - 0 points (12)

Total - 1 point (20)

WIG 8 - 0 points (20)
STH 4 - 1 point (3)

Total - 1 point (23)

Rhino46 goes through to the semi final this week. Steamy leaves the competition

The Prediction competition Grand Final is:

Steve Slippery Morris (1st) v Rhino46 (2nd)

This week's match is:

St Helens (STH) v Leeds (LEE)

Please send your predictions to me via Private Message before kick off on Saturday 24th September at 6pm.
PM sent for rhino46.

Good luck to Steve Slippery Morris.

Thanks for running the comp again.
Thanks. 1 prediction received.
Pm sent
Good luck rhino46
thanks for running the competition again
Hopefully we will all be winners tomorrow
steve slippery morris wrote:
Pm sent
Good luck rhino46
thanks for running the competition again
Hopefully we will all be winners tomorrow

Funny you should say that as you've both predicted exactly the same score. I've send you both a private message.
I thought that the person finishing highest in the final league table got the rewards for any tie?
My understanding of the rules is that if there is a tie then the one that finishes highest wins
I have asked both finalists to predict the time of first and last try this evening (to the nearest minute) as a tie break. If there are no exact predictions correct, then smallest combined margin of error will win

Steve slippery morris
14 mins 1st try
69 mins last try

First try 8th minute
Last try 73rd minute
Still very close predictions
Based on the rules this year and previous years, if both finalist predict the same score then with the other play-offs it would go on previous and final league positions.

Congratulations to Slippery Steve Morris

Unless we are now the following the RL and St.Helens, which we shouldn’t lower ourselves to that level

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